My Sunshiny Life

{November 13, 2009}   Breaking all the Rules!

I’ve imposed some restrictions on my life this month, endeavouring to better myself.  I’m not doing so well at sticking to them unfortunately!  I’m up to £24 on the swear box so far – that is 48 cusses that I’ve had since Sunday afternoon.  That is me really trying not to swear too.  There might be two cleft palette operations benefitting from my swear box fund at this rate. 

Another challenge I set myself in NOvember was that I was going to abstain from shopping and I actually stuck  to it for 11 days.  Well, it’s easy setting the rules, not so easy following through.  Temptation has been a constant companion since the challenge began.  Like when I see the ASOS delivery man and get a little surge of anticipation, only to realise the parcel can’t possibly be for me as I haven’t ordered anything! 

Then I got an email from my favourite shop back in NZ.  Dirty old Max, come on down.  I looked at the email and was about to delete it, but the little shopping devil in my head whispered to me to just have a little look.   Max had put themselves to the trouble of emailing me and they were on sale, so looking seemed like the polite thing to do.

Well, you wouldn’t have to be a psychic to realise that I didn’t just look, but when I show you what I bought, and for how much, I think you’ll agree that there was no other course of action I could have taken.  Even with the pound being low right now, it still does well against the NZ dollar, especially on SALE items!  My saving angel and my shopping devil had a bit of a tussle, but the saving angel agreed in the end.  Even getting them shipped over (thanks Natalie), my whole shopping expedition only cost me £110.  The full ticket value was £316, so I saved a whopping £200!

When you check out my selection below I think you’ll agree that I was justified in my purchases! (yes, that really is a winter coat, that one item alone would normally cost around £100!). 





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