My Sunshiny Life

{November 17, 2009}   Cake Baking Superstar

Le Dolci

We have a celebrity chef in our midst.  My lovely flatmate Dolce has started up her own cupcake making business and the fruits of her labour have been gratefully sampled in our flat (until Bracks and I decided to stop eating sugar).  She has had quite a few orders and now her fame has spread to the media.  She had a photo shoot session with our local paper Wood and Vale today, with her big feature appearing in Thursdays edition.  Today the Wood and Vale, tomorrow the Sunday Star Times, this is where it all begins!

Forgetting momentarily that today is the first day on my low sugar diet, I tucked into the brownie slice that she’d set aside for me.  A bit of chocolate love after my crappy day at work was exactly what I needed.  The low sugar diet can begin tomorrow, but for now I was indulging in a deliciously soft, yet delightfully crunchy slice of heaven.  

Butterfly Brownie

You too can have your own slice of heaven, just look Dolce up on her new site and order whatever takes your sugar high fancy.


Le Dolci Wedding Cupcake Tower


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