My Sunshiny Life

{November 28, 2009}   Avenue Q – Puppets Gone Wild

I LOVED this show, it had me laughing from the very first minute and all the way through.  Sometimes in the theatre I’m wondering when the show is going to finish, but I didn’t want this show to finish.  The set up is perfect for those with limited attention spans.  Short, punchy, VERY funny scenes and songs, with sweet life messages littered throughout. 

Princeton is a graduate fresh out of college with a BA in English, which he’s now discovered makes him qualified for absolutely nothing.  He is unemployed and broke.  The rest of the cast are also finding their way through lifes trials, with a happy skip and a cheeky tune.  The actors who control the puppets are brilliant – with Kate Monster and Lucy the Slut being played by the same girl, Cassidy Janson.  The two character voices are poles apart and she does them incredibly well, slipping into each persona with ease.  Daniel Boys was the other main lead, playing Princeton and the uptight gay Rod who is in love with his room mate Nicky – much like Bert and Ernie, but out of the closet!

Puppets get away with a lot and the swearing and sex scenes were disturbingly hilarious – it’s a must see show.  The stand out songs for me were It sucks to be me, Everybody’s a little bit racist sometimes and It’s only for now.

Here they are so you can enjoy them as well.  Make sure you go and see the show, you won’t be disappointed. 

Bunny, you’re weird, how can you not have enjoyed this show? Puppets, sex, life lessons – it’s a magical combination!


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