My Sunshiny Life

{November 30, 2009}   Vintage Clothing Market Brick Lane

Wandering around Brick Lane on a wet and cold Sunday sounds like a very unwise way to spend the afternoon, but Kylie and I had a fabulous time exploring, eating, drinking and people watching. 

Walking off our brick lane curry, we came across a vintage clothing market, which was a big warehouse with loads of stalls and a fabulous little cupcake and coffee area that had been decked out vintage styley.  There were some stalls with amazing furs, which I can appreciate aesthetically, but I just can’t go there.  This is slightly hypocritical, because I do wear leather and eat meat, but wearing an animal that is solely raised for it’s skin seems cruel – I’m not sure how eating them is any less cruel but there you go. 

What did get me squealing with excitement were the fabulous hats, that were just begging to be tried on.  Far from being annoyed by our antics, the stall holders were super friendly and even suggested different hats to wear and kindly took photos of us. 















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