My Sunshiny Life

{December 2, 2009}   La Clique

Roll up, roll up, come one, come all to the most spectacular show in town!  Or something to that effect.  It was billed as a heady cocktail of cabaret, new burlesque, circus sideshow and contemporary variety, and it didn’t disappoint.

On the La Clique website they say the show is impossible to describe and it’s kind of true, which makes writing this a little bit difficult.  The first act up were The Wau Wau Sisters who put on a smoking (literally) trapeze act.  Acting like stoners, complete with beer can and spliff, they put on an amazing acrobatic performance.  It’s not surprising they’re sisters, the total confidence in each other had to have been built up over years of performing together. 

Check out a montage of their performances below. 

 Another stand out act for me was Mario the juggler. He actually seemed to make time stand still, randomly selecting balls out of his juggling formation and tossing them high in the air, all while keeping the others under control.  I’m not selling him well enough, he was brilliant. He made time stop for goodness sake, what more could we ask for!

Marawa burst on to the mini stage with her hoola hoops and roller skates and was a bundle of energy throughout her whole routine.  I can’t even keep a hoola hoop up for 10 seconds (and that was back in school), so I had the utmost respect for her as she spun hoola hoops off every limb, around her body and neck.  Her whole routine seemed effortless and most importantly she looked like she was having a fantastic time, as did everyone in the audience.

There were a couple of acts that were not up to par – the stripper for instance.  She was not burlesque in any way, shape or form.  She pulled red hankies out of god knows where and there was a collective cringe from the audience during her act, which might be better suited to Stringfellows. 

Karl, the swede from Ikea was quite funny the first time he came on, bumbling about and giggling his inane giggle.  But when he came out the second time I got the feeling he was a filler act.  After looking at the website again I realised there were quite a few acts we didn’t get to see, so I’m not sure how they work out who is going to perform on what night as not all the performers did.

Slight grumble about two acts aside, the rest of the show was absolutely amazing and I’d recommend it to anyone for a fabulous night out.  Don’t worry about where you book your seats either, the Roundhouse is so small you’ll be able to see well from wherever you are – although I wouldn’t be that keen on the bar or standing area, just because I wouldn’t want to stand for 2 hours.


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