My Sunshiny Life

{December 20, 2009}   Private Dining at Gaucho Grill Smithfields

Little Mel had her birthday bash at the new Gaucho Grill in Smithfields.  The interior is black and shiny, with lots of glass and a stunning private dining room.  This was our table for the evening and what a table it was!  The huge black table dominates the room, which is surrounded by cowhide panels and black glass. 

I had a total Bridget Jones moment when I realised I was the only single person at the meal and I was sitting at the head of the table, flanked by couples on both sides.  After my protests I was quickly moved and I felt far more comfortable sitting on the side.  Although I think my table companion at the time thought I was protesting to move away from him.  It wasn’t you Beat!  We even moved places after every course, so we could mix it up and speak to people that we didn’t normally speak to.  I think the couples enjoyed it more that way too, getting away from their other half!

We had signed up for the signature menu.  The starter choice didn’t set me on fire – I was going to go for the scallops but the waiter kindly told me to expect that they were cold.  I don’t really go for scallops sashimi style so I chose chorizo sausage.  I ended up with a chorizo sausage.  Not sure why I should have been surprised, but I did expect it to be cut up and artfully arranged.  I got a sausage on my plate, with some roasted red pepper.

The mains were a selection of three cuts of steak; fillet, sirloin and rib eye.  The accompaniments were; tomato salad (fabulous and flavoursome), fries, humitas (delicious creamy corn mash wrapped in a corn husk and you scooped out the filling with a spoon) and spinach.  The fillet steak was definitely the winner, melting in your mouth like only good steak can.

Dessert was a tad disappointing for me.  We only had three choices, ice cream, cheese cake or panacotta.  I chose a just OK coconut panacotta.  I had a bit of food envy for the dulche de leche cheesecake, which was delicious.  I don’t think icecream should be a dessert choice on a set menu.  You can have that as an extra, it’s no effort to scoop it out of a carton is it?

The bill came to an eye watering £106 a head, which you don’t really expect for Gauchos.  True, there were cocktails consumed at the beginning and everyone was quite merry, but I don’t think that the set menu lived up to it’s £55 a head billing.


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