My Sunshiny Life

{January 2, 2010}   Happy New Year!

Come on down Twenty Ten!

Thank god Christmas and New Year are over.  I always find the expectation that you have to have a good time over the holiday season slightly irritating.  Not to say that I didn’t have a wonderful time, but I’m happy it’s back to business as usual.  No more tinsel, no more carols and no more forced merriment. 

I housesat for Mr and Mrs J for ten days and was quite happy to see the back of their TV too.  DVD boxsets are the way forward, who would even pay their broadcasting fees and Sky bills with the absolute crap that you get shown.  Hundreds of channels and nothing to watch.  

Next year I’m going to be somewhere hot for Christmas and New Years and next year I’m not going to drink so much.  I’ve been laid up for two days with a hangover.  Yesterday I thought I was going to die.  Today it just feels like a hangover and I’m happy with the progress I’ve made since this morning, when even watching people drinking on TV made me feel nauseous.

2010 (Me and Koi-lee are  saying Twenty Ten as it sounds more futuristic) feels full of promise and I have big plans for the coming year.  I’m not going to call them resolutions as no one ever really sticks to those and these plans had been in the pipeline since before New Years anyway.  I couldn’t have thought of them yesterday or today as my brain capacity has equalled that of an amoeba.

Little Miss Sunshine’s Plans for 2010

1. Improve my diet and health (from Monday)

2. Pay off all my debt (which I’ve had since I was old enough to get credit).

3. Start saving (which I’ve never done and it will make me feel quite grown up).

4. Move into my own flat (although I did miss Dolce and was happy to have her arrive home again today.  Not only because I could whinge to someone about how terrible I felt either, but her sympthy was gratefully received).

5. Work super hard and double my take home pay (these two will go hand in hand and also tie in quite nicely with the debt being paid off and my savings starting – woo hoo!)

6. Go to San Francisco, Mexico, India and wherever N and F plan to have their wedding.

7. Practise yoga twice a week and do at least 2 lots of cardio (aiming low on the cardio, I really mean 3 but am saying 2 as that’s what I’m more likely to stick to).

8. Write.  Every single day.  At least 3 pages.  (except for today as I am still feeling rather ill and have had to be semi  sedated with the whole series of 30 Rock and Outrageous Fortune).

9) Find love, luck, laughter and prosperity wherever I turn.

2010 is going to be the year that Little Miss Sunshine has it all.  Hope it’s true for you too.  Cheers (with a very non alcoholic drink) to a fabulous new year, filled with promise and hope! xx

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