My Sunshiny Life

{January 4, 2010}   Glimpses of London

I was wandering around in the FR-EEEEZING cold on Sunday after I’d been to the Tate Modern and snapped off these shots of London.  I’m so lucky to live in such a fabulous city and even with my fingers nearly falling off from the cold I took a moment to appreciate the beautiful city scape, the cultural diversity and the fact that you could never be bored in London.  Cold yes, bored no.

The Millenium Bridge

St Pauls Cathedral bathed in sunlight

London Eye at Twilight

London Sunset

I got to appreciate London even more on the tube journey home when we had a tube driver who was a real London character.  He sounded slightly frustrated with how his day was turning out.

Sorry folks for the unscheduled stop at this station.  The train isn’t meant to be stopping here but the system that updates all the platforms was second hand in 1976 and it has a big reset button on it that no one seems to know how to use.  The last person that knew died in 1994 so we’ll hold up here until someone can figure it out.


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