My Sunshiny Life

{January 5, 2010}   Wildlife Photographer of the Year

After seeing such extraordinary shots in last year’s show I couldn’t wait to go back and see this one.  Again, the standard was excellent and I still can’t get over how much patience and skill the photographers have to get the perfect shot.  Some of the entrants are children as young as ten. 

Going to the exhibition made me appreciate my little snappy snap Canon Ixus 200IS even more.  I was a little bit naughty and put it to good use in the gallery.  I’ve only just noticed that I didn’t have to be all secret agent, quickly taking my photos without the attendants catching me, as there is an online gallery on the Natural History Museum site.  I did quite enjoy my covert spy activity though and think I’d make a sterling secret agent.

~ Overall Winner ~ The Storybook Wolf by José Luis Rodriguez

Ice Fox by Henrik Lund

Flight of the Locust by Chris van Rooyen

White Water Fishing by Eric Lefranc

Respect by Igor Shpilenok

These two monkey ones are my favourites.  I’ve always been a big fan of monkeys and love the human expressions on their faces.

Borneo Baby by Brian Matthews

Water Fight by Andrew Forsyth

The exhibition is on until the 11th of April 2010, get your tickets here.


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