My Sunshiny Life

{January 7, 2010}   London Snow

Well the burbs might be snowed in, but we’d need a fair amount of snow in London Town for that to happen.  It hasn’t stopped some people cleaning out supermarket shelves, JUST in case there is a blizzard.  I have to confess at first I was confused when news reports came in that kitty litter was running low everywhere.  I found it odd that people would stock up on kitty litter for their kitty litter trays in case they were snowed in.  Duh!

Scare mongering in the media is so crazy.  Every single day is dominated by the snow and how gas supplies are low, grit supplies are low, food supplies won’t be able to truck on through and we’ll all die a slow, cold, miserable death.  Enough already!

The snow makes my park look really pretty.  We need more though as there are too many footprints in it and some of it’s a little bit dirty.  Don’t buy into the media hype, go sledging! 

It’s not quite as impressive as the snow dump from last year which you can see below.  Now that’s snow.


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