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{February 21, 2010}   Columbia Road Flower Market

I can’t believe I’ve lived for 7 years in London and I still hadn’t been to this famous London flower market.  When I got there, I was even more astounded that I’d never made it until then.  What a vibrant, colourful, character filled, bustling place.

Flowers from Columbia Road

Columbia Road Flowers

Kylie and I walked through, choosing flowers and taking in the atmosphere of the East End institution.  Market traders yell out their specials of the day, and we were lucky because it was nearly closing time so there were a few deals to be had.  With calls like “they’re only this cheap cos we nicked em” how can you not love it!

As well as the flowers, shrubs, palms and a multitude of other flora and fauna you’ll find some gorgeous boutiques, cafes and charming shops. 

Columbia Road Shops

My sign for when I get my dog Dolly

I was shocked, until I clicked what the C word was

There’s also a mini market down the side street where we bought some delicious kalamata olives.

Adding to the vintage, quaint feel, there was a couple busking, singing and playing the cello.  As we slowed down to watch them, the girl forgot all the words for the song, so we left them for a bit so she could compose herself (excuse the pun) and went back to watch them again, filming this time.  The guy totally cracks me up.

It won’t be another seven years before I go back.

Find out more about the stalls, traders, shops and history of the market here

Opening Hours : Sundays 8 – 3 (or thereabouts).  Most shops are only open on Sundays but check the site for more details.

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