My Sunshiny Life

{March 1, 2010}   The Supperclub

We chose a girly night to investigate a new bastion of cool in Ladbroke Grove.  The awesome foursome donned party dresses and killer heels, converging on the inconspicuous black building in Acklam Road.

We were greeted by a very pretty boy, the supperclub hostess for the evening who graciously explained in his soft voice that we were to drop our coats, don an ugly green sticker with our table number on it and go through to the other room where the bar was.

So far, so cool.  Apart from the ugly green sticker which really needs a rethink.  We were told to wear it so we wouldn’t lose our table, but we were to find out later on that the only way you keep your table is to keep buying bottles of champers or spirits. 

We had cocktails in the bar area (mine was sparkling water with a twist of cucumber and lemon – just to jazz it up a bit!) and then about 20 minutes later we were shown through to THE SUPPERCLUB.  This is the old place that Neighbourhood occupied and I’ve had many a trashed night partying in here.  It was different coming here this time for two reasons, the first that I was sober and the second that it’s now white, bright, airy and modern.  It always felt a bit grimy before.

There are beds all around the outside of the room, covered in crisp white sheets and fluffy pillows.  There’s a little table in the centre for your drinks and food, but you really eat from your lap.  They’ve kept the upstairs balcony bit the same as how when it was Neighbourhood and there are more beds up there.  The action is definitely downstairs though.

We were introduced to our lovely, hot and very obliging young waiter David, who truly earnt his tip that night.  He waited on us with a smile, was charming, attentive, sexy and just the right side of flirty. 

The food was absolutely amazing, and so was the entertainment.  Even watching the staff walking around was entertaining, they’re all young, and arty/interesting looking. 

At about 11.30 the doors opened and our intimate supperclub venue became a club for just anyone.  It wasn’t exclusive anymore, we were being invaded!  Territorial to the core, we staked out our table with handbags, killer glares and wide dancing shapes to keep them off OUR bed.  The girls had to buy copious amounts of champagne to keep the late arriving bed vultures at bay. 

The music was fabulous and we cut up some moves on the dance floor, took ridiculous pictures of each other and  had a large night like I haven’t had in a while.  I did it sober too, with no discernable difference to the quality of my night AND no hangover the next day.  I’m in line for sainthood, I just know it.

So if you want to see trannies flipping pancakes, syringe wielding blood drinking goth ladies, stripping action and the hottest waiters in town then you need to get your glam on and head down to The Supperclub. 


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