My Sunshiny Life

{April 8, 2010}   iPad Mania

There was a buzz in our office today, with the long awaited arrival of the new Apple iPad.  We’d put our order into the States and had it sent by urgent courier.  The release date for the UK is rumoured to be the end of April, but we wanted ours NOW!

When the box was opened I got to witness something rather extraordinary.  This little digital tablet is so covetable that people were posing with it.  Yes, iPhones were whipped out so people could get their picture taken standing proudly with the iPad.

iPad ownership is a small club in the UK right now,  and I don’t think anyone is going to be deleting the message that says ‘sent from my iPad’ anytime soon.  It’s a badge of honour, an ode to exclusiveness.

So, the verdict on the thin slice of digital wonder you may ask?  It lives up to the hype, and then some.  The browser window is so clear and text is so easy to read.  Having just bought a new mini laptop (damn my impatience) I have to say that the iPad kicks everything else’s arse in terms of look, feel and usability. 

There are a few little drawbacks, like you can’t insert your camera memory card without an adaptor, or USB cable.  You can’t use more than one application at a time (although it will be available with release of operating system 4.0 in Autumn).  Having a docking station and wireless keyboard will be vital if you need to use it for typing documents, but the onscreen keyboard is responsive and easy to use for shorter emails.

Mmm, maybe I could use an iPad AND my new little netbook.  Justification totally in full force now, both of those combined still don’t equal an expensive laptop – so I’d STILL be saving money.  Justification over, decision made.


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