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{February 7, 2010}   Acupuncture Angel

I haven’t been up to much lately.  With low energy levels from my detox and an even lower immune system, I haven’t had the energy to do anything.  I had acupuncture twice this week to help my body process the toxins, as my poor over worked organs were taking a hammering and the toxins were manifesting in awful ways, with skin rashes, spots, heat and itchiness.  AWFUL! 

I rang Kylie in a panic, was there anything she could do to make me purrrty again?  It’s great to go to someone that heals people in a way that goes beyond surface symptoms, where they get a thorough background to understand how best to help you.  It’s an experience poles apart from dealing with doctors in western medicine, where they prescribe, prescribe, prescribe.  The holistic approach is definitely my preferred way on the road to healing and wellness.

As Kylie went around my body putting needles in, I felt a dull sensation by some key spots.  They were the points that had a direct correlation to my kidneys, which were over burdened with toxins from my detox.  I went in to see Kylie with a hot swollen mess of a face, which was itchy and sore.  It had been like this for 3 days, with no sign that it was improving.  By the next morning the heat had dissipated and the swelling had gone down.  I felt 1000% better and the improvements continued after my second treatment throughout the rest of the week.

Kylie Box is an acupuncture angel and I’d totally recommend her services to anyone.  She works with stress and fertility issues, but there are many ailments that can be addressed with the magical little healing needles. 

Kylie Box  (Acupuncture Angel)


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