My Sunshiny Life

{November 22, 2009}   Musical Contrasts

I’ve had two musical experiences this week, they couldn’t have been more different and both introduced me to music I don’t normally listen to. 

I’d been promising Ruairi for ages that I’d come and see his band A Quick Minute, then not turning up.  So I finally made the effort and popped along to the Good Ship in Kilburn.  Little Miss Sunshine was at a gig.  I haven’t been to one for ages, like a proper pub gig, not a concert kind of gig. 

The music was hard rock, which isn’t normally my bag, but I really enjoyed it!  I Am Giant was the first band I saw and they were really good, for eye candy and for the tunes.  The drummer proved most popular with the girls, as shout outs came thick and fast from the audience.  Proper groupie girls were dancing seductively in front of the band, much to their delight. 

After a short break, A Quick Minute came on to the stage, beers firmly in hand and ready to rock (did I really just say that?)  Groupie Alert! Not quite as pretty, but far more talented, these guys put in a good set and had fun while they were doing it.  With constant reminders for everyone to drink, these guys wanted to make sure everyone had a good time.  My ears were ringing by the time I left, but the possible tinnitus was worth it.  My ‘I’m with the band’ wrist stamp was washed off reluctantly when I got home, it was nice being a groupie for a night.

My next musical experience was a surprise.  Harry had warned me that it was cheesy, so I thought we might be going to a pantomime.  As we neared the Royal Albert Hall I still didn’t have a clue what we were about to see, but I was captivated by the sheer magnificence of the building, both inside and out.  We were handed a paper english flag with our programme, mm, the plot thickens.  The average age of the audience was about 60 and there was an orchestra and a choir.  We were at The Classical SPECTACULAR!  What a fabulous way to educate my ignorant musical mind about classical music.  The MC/Conductor man was over the top cheesily funny, with enough references to Strictly Come Dancing, I’m a Celebrity and X Factor to connect the common folk with high brow music. 

The music was really enjoyable and there was a laser light show as well, which Harry dismissed as total cheese, but I was captivated by it.  Even though I’m not a classical music buff, the music wasn’t totally foreign to me as they’d chosen very well known classical pieces.  The whole performance was excellent, with over 200 talented musicians, a very enthusiastic crowd singing along to Britannia, a laser light show and then a firework finale. 

So from hard rock to classical, I’ve had a week of broadening my musical horizons and it’s proven most enjoyable.


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