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{May 28, 2009}   Turf Wars

I caught up with Suse last night for a long overdue dinner date.  I didn’t know there was more than one Busaba Eathai, you learn something new every day.  We went to the one in Bird Street, by Selfridges.  Still the same look, feel, smell and most importantly taste – but you don’t have to queue to get in like you do at the original restaurant.  Total result. 

Suse was telling me about the turf war she experienced outside her home a few weeks ago.  You may think it was drug dealers and she lives in a crime riddled council estate.  Or maybe hardcore hookers and she lives in a dodgy red light district.  Well, you’ll be relieved to know she doesn’t live in either- she lives in a gorgeous house in Primrose Hill – with fabulous park views. 

The turf war is going on between the Mr Whippy van’s who sit at the park, as it’s the best spot to get customers.  The war escalated so much that these Mr Whippy men (3 different vans) got out of their vans and had a proper punch up.  HOW funny would that have been to see.  Well not all the blood and stuff, I’m imagining it a more G rated cartoon style, with biff, pow and stars in the air.  The police came and cordoned off the whole area, but the Mr Whippy men had fled the scene.  Adding to the turf war, there is another lady in Primrose Hill who makes her own natural icecream and she has her own van.  She has ‘allegedly’ had death threats – is that Mr Whippy taking it to the extreme. 

Mr Whippy may have a soft serve, but it seems like he is pretty hard core!

Mr Whippy

Mr Whippy


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