My Sunshiny Life

{April 14, 2009}   Training Session One

So today was the big day, my first training session. I went too, which is always great for the first day. There have been many ‘this is the first day of my new exercise regime and I’m really going to exercise every day come rain or shine’ days that I’ve missed before. 

I was most excited and woke up at 5am unable to get back to sleep. So many things to consider, which knickers to wear, which trackies, where is my iPod, lipgloss – no lipgloss? I went with the lipgloss, shouldn’t have worn trackies as they chafe (Sweaty Betty here I come, credit card out ready to buy some running gear!), the knickers were perfect and I couldn’t find my iPod so had to take my iPhone. Big and bulky, but it plays music and if I needed medical help at least I could have called someone.

All bases covered I set off, walking over to the running track, which is SO very close to where I live it’s slightly embarrassing I’ve never stepped foot on it before today. I actually ran the whole way around the running track the first time and was mentally high fiving myself.  I did a lot better than what I had thought I would do and very scientifically kept up the intensity using the following measures; make sure I’m puffing but not breathing so ragged that I can’t hear my music, breathing hard but not to the point of vomiting, slowing down if I feel a stitch coming on.  So with all that in mind I walked, shuffled and jogged my way around for 30 minutes. 

Feeling victorious at actually getting up and doing it, as well as not injuring myself, I climbed a little (very little) stadium with the tune of Rocky in my head to take ‘yes I did it!’ photos.  Physical evidence that Little Miss Sunshine is a runner in training.  Paula Radcliffe watch your back!

Day two tomorrow, fingers x’ed the enthusiasm and energy levels remain high.



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