My Sunshiny Life

I couldnt have attracted more attention in Palermo than if I’d walked down the street naked.  Old ladies were shocked, cars slowed down, people stopped in their tracks.  My crime you may ask?  I was using a parasol to block the harsh rays of the sun from my very fair skin.  People looked at me as if I were a leper. 

At the start I ignored the suggestions from my group that people were staring, but when a wrinkly old lady said to me in Italian “The sun is the most beautiful thing in the world and you’re blocking it out” I had to agree that the locals were disturbed by my sun accessory.  If I’d spoken Italian then I might have pointed out to the leathery old lady that she would have done well to keep her raisin like face out of the harsh African sun a little more. 

Now that we are in Lipari my parasol still gets attention, but not so much.  Yesterday a man said to me that its transparent so no use as a sun protection anyway, I beg to differ.  It really made me think about how involved these people get in someone elses business and how it must be like living here full time.  I asked Lisa to teach me how to say mind your own business and leave my umbrella alone but she diplomatically suggested a friendlier tone “non ti piachi”?  which means “you dont like?” 

Lets see how I get on with that, but if you hear of a Sicilian local chased around by a mad woman with a parasol then dont be surprised.

Sun Smart Parasol

Sun Smart Parasol


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