My Sunshiny Life

{September 2, 2009}   Window Boxes and Terrarium Swings

I was walking past my stair well window the other day and stopped to admire the contrasting colours in the window box, bright cornflour blue, buttercup yellow, delicate fuschia and intense red.   I need to admire them now before winter comes and kills them!  I’m not sure who actually tends to them, whether it’s a resident or the body corp.  They are a sight to behold and make walking up my millions of stairs that little bit more enjoyable.

Contrasting Blooms

Fabulous Flowers

Then later that day I was walking down past Selfridges and their futuristic window displays.  Here’s what our gardens could look like in 2109! 

Glass Terrarium 2109 Styley

Life according to Selfridges


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