My Sunshiny Life

{April 5, 2009}   Random Wrong Number Chat

I got a wrong number call today and the way it unfolded just made me smile

Ring Ring (I’m setting the scene)

LMS: Hello

John: Hi, is Gary there?

LMS: Sorry you have the wrong number

John: Oh sorry about that, thanks, bye

LMS: Bye

So nothing peculiar about that.  But then I get a text – this is typed verbatim I’d like to add, I don’t do text grammar.

John: Hi gary tried 2 return the call from ur voice mail not sure uv left the rite no – if you still want the plumbing done let me know? John

LMS: The number you called is the same as the number you texted, still wrong 🙂

(thinking to myself, DUH!)

John: Im sorry gary left me a vm he wanted some plumbing done wasnt sure if he meant for him or a marie – r u marie – did you need a plumber?

LMS: Ah no, I am not Marie. Thanks for the kind plumbing offer but my pipes are all good.

John: Well if ur pipes arnt good let me know 🙂

I love the randomness of life!


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