My Sunshiny Life

I saw Rhys Darby’s comedy show last Thursday night at the Bloomsbury theatre and I loved it A LOT!  He has an extroadinary physical stage presence, and his sound effects of anything from helicopters to hydraulic lifts had the audience in hysterics.  Not to mention his Transformers impressions and his TomTom Sat Nav rant (really, who hasn’t been sent round in circles or ended up driving in ‘this road does not exist’ zones).   

Here is a compilation from Youtube on funny ‘Murray’ moments from the Flight of the Conchords series. 

If you haven’t heard of Bret and Jermaine then you REALLY need to check out Flight of the Conchords.  It’s NZ comedy at it’s finest, self deprecating, down to earth, dead pan kind of humour.  Here is one of my favourite songs, it’s recorded from a live show and it’s called ‘Business Time’. 


{July 25, 2009}   Entrepreneurial Spirit

I had to admire this little guy who set up his lemonade stand on the main drag in Lipari.  I watched him for a bit, industriously making his lemonade and chatting to the locals.  But then I think I might have offended him, well puzzled him anyway, as I just popped the money in his container but refused the lemonade.  I just didn’t feel like one, but thought he needed to be rewarded for showing such entrepreneurial spirit.  If he’d set up several stands, franchise styley then I would have given him double!

How Branson started

How Branson started

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